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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In or On Water…


Review: Finger Knitting for Kids

Review: Finger Knitting for Kids post image


First, the facts:

Title: Finger Knitting for Kids: Super Cute & Easy Things to Make

Author: Eriko Teranishi

Published by: Tuttle Publishing, 2019 (English Translation)

Pages: 63

Type: Knitting for kids

KS: Finger Knitting for Kids 

The In-Depth Look:

Such a fun book!

So, when I was about nine, I remember riding my bike around our neighborhood with a ball of yarn in the basket (because I’m old enough that my childhood bicycle had a basket). I would ride for a while, and then stop in the shade of a tree and pull out my ball of yarn and finger-chain for a while before getting bored and riding some more.

Because, just making an endless chain of yarn with my fingers was cool (making something with just my fingers!), but also kind of boring because, well, it was just a chain. What good was that?

I would have adored this book.

The whole point to this book is that it’s possible to actually MAKE things using your fingers and yarn and nothing else. How can you not love that?

The fact that the things being made are adorable just makes it that much better.

I think there’s a very specific age-group meant for this book, since when you get a little older, you want to actually use knitting needles and get a little more serious (if you’re me, at least), but as a way to start? Something to play with just using your native wit and the pretty yarn your Mom buys you?

Yeah. I still kind of adore this book.

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Tuttle Publishing. Thank you!

My Gush: I would have absolutely adored this when I was a kid.

Photo A Day Challenge: Waves…




Photo A Day Challenge: Happy…

101_4743 (2)



Christmas Boxes…


T’was Christmas morning and all through the house,

Everyone was stirring, even the mouse,

Lots of smiles, joy and merriment,

And of course a new ornament.

Patty opened her box and Deb’s turn was next,

The look on her face was very perplexed !

The box was empty, no ornament inside…

I felt terrible and almost cried.

Deb rose to her feet and headed to the tree,

And hung the empty box where the ornament should be.


The following year I searched all around,

A perfect ornament for Deb must be found,

It was, it was just meant to be,

A box ornament for our Christmas tree.


We hang them each year and remember with glee,

How an empty box (filled with love) came to decorate

our tree.



Our Santa…


My dad was a police officer in Newark, NJ. For many of his years on the force he worked in the Emergency Squad division. During the long hours between calls the guys would keep themselves busy in various ways like cooking. Near the Christmas holidays they always came up with a special project, like candle making for instance.

In 1956 they made Santas.  I still have ours.  Santa stands about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and is made from press board. After the outline was drawn the guys cut out the Santas and my dad set to work drawing the features, clothing and bag of toys.  At that point our Santa came home and my mother and I painted him.  I’m not sure how many coats of paint we used but Santa was spread out on our kitchen table for about a week before he was completely dry.  I don’t know what kind of paint we used either but here it is 59 years later and he’s not chipped or faded.  This was the only time I ever remember the three of us doing a family project together.

I love everything about this Santa, even the buttons being on the wrong side… but the thing I love the most is that he looks like my dad… a self portrait so to speak.

My creation

Below is my daughter Patty age 2 and 1/2 in 1966…… and her daughter (my granddaughter) Tiffany age 2 and 1/2 in 1991.










Here’s to Christmas memories, old and new. ❤

Photo A Day Challenge (or week)…

I’m doing ‘photo a day’ weekly instead of daily. Here’s the challenge for the week of July 15 – 21.

15 – Relax  16 – Midnight Blue (lace shawl my daughter knitted)   17– Succulent (30+ year old aloe plant)  18 -Ceramic 19 -Waves  20 – Start with “E” (Espresso Love, my favorite place on MV for blueberry scones & coffee)  21 – Red & White




Tuesday Photo Challenge: Play…




Photo A Day Challenge (or week)…

I’m doing ‘photo a day’ weekly instead of daily. Here’s the challenge for the week of July 1 – 7.

1 – Welcome July  2 – Fun  3 – Start with (map of Newark, NJ from 1800’s)  4 – Hat  5 – Sunshine  6 – Sky  7 – Seven (windows in the John & Priscilla Alden house in MA).




Memories Of My Mom…

Maude Louise Littlefield


Born in Waterville, Maine



Raised on Martha’s Vineyard

my mother, Maude Louise and grandmother, Albra Mae – Oak Bluffs, 1924


Moved to New Jersey after high school graduation and met a Jersey boy, Joseph Albert (Al)…


                                         married him                     and had a Jersey girl (me)

The next to the last Mother’s Day I spent with my mom was May 1975. My parents were vacationing on the Cape and she was unaware that we were driving up from NJ to surprise her for the weekend. I gave her the book ‘Mostly On Martha’s Vineyard, A Personal Record’ by Henry Beetle Hough, as I knew she’d know some of the people mentioned in the book. I am so glad I did that because after reading the book she decided she wanted to sail over to the Vineyard to visit her mother’s grave. It turned out be her last trip to her beloved Vineyard.

Can’t let Mother’s Day pass without pictures of my sweeties…

Daughters Patty and Debbie…

                                      Then                                                 Now

Grandchildren Tiffany and Tyler…

                                                        Then                                                  Now