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Snow? What snow?

We maybe got a couple of inches but most of that blew right away. I got really excited in the middle of the night when I peeked outside and noted that the trunk of my car was level with the roof due to the piled up snow. Then, I realized that there was hardly any on the front and even less on the ground. So much for my snow storm. :-( I guess I should be thankful instead since in the Panhandle they got like 24 inches and roofs were collapsing. I'm certain mine wouldn't hold up in somehting like that.

The personal wedding shower was extremely fun and especially since there were women of all ages there. It was nice to be out and about and laughing so much and having such good food! I could have made a pig of myself but I behaved with great restraint.

The dishcloth was completed. It's a designer dishcloth..Debbie Bliss! But not designer yarn..simple Peaches and Cream. I think I'll give it to the bride-to-be..there is always need for a dishcloth tucked in with something a bit more exciting.

And since I don't have any snow pictures, I'll share this picture of tonight's sky about sundown. There's hail in that baby and we got some pea sized hail here. It was fun standing on the porch watching it roll in. Mother Nature surely puts on an interesting show.

Knitter’s Lament

I spent six hours this morning flying from Boston to San Francisco to visit my son and his family. One of the things I brought with me to pass the time was the shrug that I am knitting. It's an interesting pattern which is knitted in two parts: each starting with the sleeve and working toward the center back which will be seamed together and the front which is held together with a brooch. The left side is finished. The right side is in progress and almost done. Wait! Something's not right. Why does the shaping seem vaguely familiar? You guessed it..... I made two left sides! Just not following directions. I'm not as pissed as I thought I would be. I'm reading "The Yarn Harlot" and I'm learning that I'm not unique. Even the most experienced knitters make mistakes. So I'm back to frogging half of the second piece.


Good news! I still have my job. I'm happy about that but at the same time feel rather guilty because..

Bad news! A number of my friends don't. And it was done with great drama...even had the cops on hand in case there was some sort of violence? Oh please.

No snow yet. And the total projected amount has been downgraded since it's moving much slower. It's rained off and on all day and we certainly need the moisture. Bad news...since it's cold and wet we are having freezing rain instead. Fortunately it didn't start until 5 pm so coming home wasn't a problem. I just hope the snow gets in a hurry so I don't wake up to no power.

Here's a tiny frozen drop on a brand new leaf.

And now back to the dishrag

Thoughts of the Day 2009-03-07 18:27:00

Finally, a day comes with no snow in the forecast and the sun is shining. 50 degrees on March 3rd. If only it would last. Went walking with David and the "children" yesterday. As I was trying to keep Katie away from an elderly dog, I lost my balance and went down on my left side. Ouch! I'm sporting a lovely black and blue mark on my left forearm but I can sleep on my left side with some discomfort. Better than the fall on my face last year!