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B&W Brooklyn Bridge …




- by Joan -

…And we’re back!

It’s been nearly six months since I’ve been able to write on here. Shortly after we moved in late July/early August, something went completely haywire with my blog and I couldn’t even log in. What with moving, and throwing a wedding, and finding out I was pregnant all within a couple of weeks of each other, I let it slide for awhile…a long while. I also had a really hard time living in someone else’s house. It was the worst case of inertia I have ever experienced. While I though of countless topics to write about, finding the motivation to even turn my compute on was difficult. I was very uncomfortable with all of my things packed away and living by somebody else’s rules coupled with the lethargy and nausea of early pregnancy, I was completely useless.

The good news is, we moved into our own HOUSE about a week ago, and my blog is working again. It’s almost like magic. (Magic and many hours on the phone with tech support.)

To celebrate, I snapped a few pictures of our new house in the couple of rooms that aren’t still overwhelmed with boxes.

dinning room before
Our first meal in our new home the day after we took possession two weeks ago. We ate gluten free muffins and lattes from the local roasterie, before moving in all of our boxes from storage into the house.

Last Saturday, we moved the furniture. I say we, but I mean my husband and my dad, and a bunch of my dad’s friends. I held doors open and directed people on where to go. At nearly 5 months pregnant, I am not supposed to lift much more than a bag of ice.

I have been hard at work. Here’s what the dinning room looks like after the furniture was added.
dinningroom after

clementines and cherry blossoms

sunflowers in new house
These are some of the tissue paper sunflowers we made for our wedding. I am adding them to glass jars all around the house.

This room, I just started putting together today.
new studio wide
A dedicated fiber room, all my very own in the sunroom upstairs.

new studio
Look at all that gorgeous natural light!

I’m hoping to get back into production soon, but I’m not making any promises. My day job is entering a very busy time, the kind of busy where I’m afraid to commit to anything outside of it. That should start settling down right about the time the baby is due. I am committing to keeping the blog updated. I have a whole house to talk about and a yard that’s perfect for gardening, and hopefully some fibery stuff in there too.

Review: Knitting Outside the Swatch

Post image for Review: Knitting Outside the Swatch


First, the facts:

Title: Knitting Outside the Swatch: 40 Modern Motifs

Author: Kristin Omdahl

Published by: Interweave Press, 2013

Pages: 143

Type: Patterns and motifs


1. The Motifs
2. The Patterns

KS: Knitting Outside the Swatch

The In-Depth Look:

In her introduction, the author talks about how much she likes knitting motif swatches. “They’re small and quick to make, allowing you to experiment with new stitch patterns and techniques, without a big commitment in time and yarn. Best of all, they’re so versatile. Create a beautiful embellishment to a sweater with a single flower motif; seam together an assortment of squares to create an afghan; transform a circular motif into the crown of a hat; trim a shawl with a lacy motif for a striking edging. The possibilities are endless.”

And so we come to a book that is part stitch directory–with 40 different motif swatches to try–and part pattern book, because she not only gives you ideas one how to join or what to do with your motifs, but she gives ten patterns to make for shawls, wraps, sweaters, and hats. And did I mention the tips for inspiration?

To me, the author’s background in crochet is very distinct here, as many of these designs almost look as if they could have been crocheted–something about the shapes and the joining methods reminds me so strongly of the things my grandmother used to make, except, well, these are new. There are techniques and ideas here my grandmother would never have thought of–but I’m sure she would have loved them.

This book can be found at your local bookstore or at

Want to see bigger pictures? Click here.

This review copy was kindly donated by Interweave Press. Thank you!

My Gush:

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After only a few months of neglect and too many hours of tech support. I think we might be back!

So where did November go?

bittersweet vine

Since I still hadn't decided if I was tired of listening to my inane drivel and seeing my same pictures over and over again here in my little corner of the internet, I decided I must not be, and that I would just keep plugging away.

bittersweet vine

Things have been... What's a nice word for, "Lydia is getting a good jump on the terrible twos and is practically unbearable to be around one moment and full of heart-melting amazingness the next?" Then there's the trying to keep up with all the boys' school stuff, and bill stuff, and money worries, and worry worries, and me getting overwhelmed (shock!) and questioning every major life decision I've ever made, and all the while continuing on my never-ending and seemingly fruitless quest for better mental health -- well, somehow we keep on doing our thing, and each day fades into the night without any major damage.

butterfly bush new growth

So really, the word I am looking for is just "life."

knockout rose

clematis still blooming

dead leaves, new flowers

rainbow chard

my first broccoli

(Despite the cold snap, we had quite a few things still growing throughout most of the month.)

a little nighttime knitting

The Shepherd

So there I am. Wandering around my increasingly dormant back yard, and knitting. Always knitting. Well, when I'm not tearing through some exciting house project (hint: no more carpet in the upstairs hallway or on the stairs).

The Shepherd

But yeah, mostly a lot of knitting.

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! and Cyber Monday Sale

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  We had a quiet time with our friend Cosmo.  My parents are in Texas and Dave’s are en route to California, but we did get to talk to everyone on the phone.

We *may* leave the house today (Dave gets a whole week off) but if so it’s only to go to the movies (I want to see Catching Fire).  No way do I want to go to any stores today.  I am hoping to stop by our local SF&F and Mystery bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, tomorrow for Small Business Saturday (do books count as a necessity? I think they do!).

And of course Monday is Cyber Monday.

Yes, I’m going to have a Cyber Monday sale in my Ravelry store– but just on Monday!  Buy any 2 pattern or eBooks and get one free Dec 2nd (I’m going by PST so you know!), code CYBERCAT

And don’t forget:  any of my single patterns in my Ravelry store are part of the Indie Design Giftalong, which runs through the end of December.


Cozy Holiday At Home

Despite all the cleaning, cooking, baking and prep-work involved with hosting a holiday, there’s nothing quite like having a cozy, quiet Thanksgiving at home.


I finished up the napkins and moved on to a table runner from a canvas dropcloth I got at Lowe”s and some leaf stamps.



I was rather pleased with the result!


Five pies were made in advance. Two pumpkin, one pumpkin cream, one vegan pumpkin (okay I cheated there and only had to heat that one up from frozen), and an apple pie.


I made a GIANT batch of Susan’s stuffing – I hadn’t realized how large a regular batch was, so I doubled it.

We’ll be eating stuffing leftovers for the next three years.


Oona showed off her reading skills to Paul’s mom.


I spent most of the day on my feet in front of the stove – but it was totally worth it.



Obligatory meal photo – we had brined, roasted turkey (Trader Joe’s – easiest bird I have ever cooked!) with homemade gravy from pan drippings, roasted green beans with red onions, garlic and pancetta, sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows on top (the kids demanded it), Susan’s stuffing, mashed potatoes (made in the crockpot!!!  BEST thing ever!), homemade rolls, and two kinds of cranberry sauce (bourbon-cranberry and cranberry chutney).

Goodness I think I need to go fix myself a plate of leftovers now.


Pie, coffee and wine by candlelight.

Today we shall avoid the shopping crowds and enjoy some family time before getting our tree tomorrow and kicking off the Christmas season.

Hope your holiday was as warm and pleasant as ours!

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NY Bldgs In Black And White …




- by Joan -

All I Want for Christmas: Grand Prize Giveaway!


All I Want for Christmas Ornament

From December 1st through December 12th we’ll be helping you help your family and friends choose the perfect Christmas present for you in our “All I Want for Christmas” series. All of these posts will have a giveaway offer. And in addition, we’re put together an awesome grand prize package for you to win! Here’s what’s included:

Digital copies of knitting patterns from nearly a score of independent designers!

Top Row: Elvenflyt by Sierra Anderson, Cranberry Crush Cowl by Kay Hopkins, Fallen Lady Stole by Amy Kaspar
Middle Row: Hope Grows Cowl by Stacey Pope, Hope Grows Scarf by Stacey Pope, Marissa Shawl by Helen Rose
Bottom Row: Brazos Valley Shawl by Jenna Swanson, Winter Branches by Jenna Swanson, Turn “Around” by Susan Barstein


Top Row: Lumbard Lace Pullover by Jamie A Besel,  Lapped Hearts Neckwarmer by Linda Day Morehouse, Rosana Shawl by Cassie Catillo
Middle Row: Cardiff Bay Ponytail Hat by Beth Ann Beck, Lady Chadwick Hat by Quirky Bird Knits,  Junco by Sarah Jo Burch
Bottom Row: Cordate Cap by Melody Parker Narvaez, Marlowe Entrelac Cowl by Over the Rainbow Yarn Designs, Navasota Hat by Elizabeth Green Musselman


A set of Stitch Markers fromExchanging Fire – winner’s choice! Exchanging Fire makes wonderful themed stitch markers and you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.


A one year digital subscription to Knit Edge, published by Cooperative Press.

Knit Edge

A Shirka knitting counter. Sirka is a unique kind of knitting counter that allows you to keep track of multiple instructions at once!

Sirka Hero

Juniper Moon Farm 2014 Calendar filled with photos of the sheep and goats you know and love.

2014 Calendar

The Sexy Knitter’s Tool Tin. We’ve collaborated with Sarah Wilson aka The Sexy Knitter to create a special edition Juniper Moon Farm tool tin! The protoype is still being worked up, but it will be like this tool tin, with a photo taken by Susan Gibbs of one of the flock and green and blue accessories, our logo colors.

Tool Tin

These adorable Christmas Tree earrings from Sassafras Creations. They’re ingeniously made from old knitting needles!

Christmas Tree Earrings

A madbird regular-sized project bag. These bags are high quality, stand up on their own, and are REVERSIBLE. madbird is giving away this special edition Christmas print. (Yarn not included.)

MadBird Project Bag

It’s Mine Labels  Sew-on 1″ Woven Labels - a set of 60, customized just for you, with up to three lines of text, a cute graphic and many typefaces and colors available!


Knitter’s Pride Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Needles Starter Set. This set includes 5 needle tips (US 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6), 3 cords to make 24:, 32″ and 40″ needles, 1 set of cord connectors, 6 end caps, and 3 cord keys in a green fabric case.


A bag (that’s 10 balls) of our amazing new Tenzing yarn in color 03 Gingersnap and the following JMF pattern booklets and leaflets:
Fall / Winter 2011: Findley, Chadwick, Willa
Spring / Summer 2012: Findley Dappled, Sabine, Yearling
Fall / Winter 2012: Marlowe, Herriot
Spring / Summer 2013: Sabine 2013, Findley Dappled 2013, Yearling 2013
Fall / Winter 2014: The Haverhill Collection, The Karakoram Collection, The Alban Collection


Total prize package valued at over $700!

An enormous thank you to our generous sponsors who contributed to this package. You’ll get to know more about each of them throughout the giveaway! (And there may be some further additions, so check back!)

To Enter

Leave a comment here telling us what your favorite holiday memory is – whether it’s a thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, winter solstice, Fetivus, or New Year’s memory. Give us the warm and fuzzies to start off the season right!

Earn an additional entry by sharing this post on facebook or twitter to help us spread the word then come back and leave an additional comment for each entry method.

Earn additional chances to win the grand prize as by participating in the daily giveaways that we will have December 1st through the 12th, as each entry into the daily giveaway will be an additional entry into the grand prize giveaway.

Fine Print

If you win one of the daily giveaways, you will be ineligible to win the grand prize giveaway and vice versa. If you win one of the daily giveaways, you will be ineligible to win another daily giveaway. Daily giveaways are subject to rules which may be specific to that giveaway as we have many different companies we’re collaborating with (ie, not all may be open to those outside the US).

This giveaway will close on Sunday, December 15th at 11:59pm est and a winner will be chosen Monday, December 16th. Check the blog to see who won!

PS – We’re donating anything we earn through our Amazon Affiliates program to Heifer International this year. And we’re matching what we earn from now through Christmas! So if you’re shopping Amazon this season, please shop through one our links so we can help a family thrive.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone



Jerry and Sophie


Neve and kid


All of us at Juniper Moon Farm are wishing you a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year, including all of you. We so appreciate your sharing so much of yourselves with us every day.

And to show that appreciation, Lauria and I have been working on some fantastic gift ideas and giveaways. Starting December 1st and running through December 12th, this giveaway will knock your socks off, y’all! We really curated our selections for both the grand prize giveaway and the daily gift ideas and giveaways. Come back tomorrow for the grand prize giveaway reveal and to learn how you can enter.

All I Want for Christmas Ornament

We focused on small businesses that we were impressed with. We hope that you support small businesses and shop local this holiday season. But sometimes you can’t. Whether it’s because you just can’t find what you want, or you get a panic attack just thinking about the crowded shops, we understand. And we want to remind you that this year any thing that you buy on Amazon through one of our affiliate links will go towards a donation to Heifer International. AND, Juniper Moon Farm will match the amount earned from now until Christmas. So if you do your holiday shopping through Amazon, please click on the link in our sidebar to the right –>, or this link (or any other Amazon link on our website). Last Year we were able to donate two sheep and three flocks of chicken to families in need through Heifer. Please feel free to tell your friends and family how they can do something good for someone else, while doing their usual Holiday shopping!