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Paterson Great Falls – Paterson, New Jersey

It’s An Art Sale!


Art Sale This Weekend!


I’m having an art sale this weekend! I’ve been painting again, and it’s time to make send these pretties out into the world. Here are some of the nice things people have said about shopping with me…

J on Dec 22, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

These cards are absolutely gorgeous! Came very very quickly and packaged securely. Thank you so much :)

Item: Sunflower and Bird Thank You Card in A2 folded card size, pack of 5 with envelopes

and I know things don’t always go perfectly. But, I try my best to keep buyers in the loop…

N on Jan 4, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Shipped on time and I am thrilled with the customer service and the product. Nice quality cardstock and embossment. The order took over 5 weeks once she mailed it. Florida to CT. That was USPS holiday delivery service. But, Adriprints followed the tracking with me and even called on of the post offices to try to help out.

Item: Let There Be Peace on Earth, embossed eco-friendly holiday boxed card set, art by Adriana Bergstrom

I love when I get repeat buyers, here’s what one lovely customer had to say about buying a second painting from me…

B on Jan 31, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful work. Thanks again! Much appreciated!

Item: Bacon Trio, 4"/10cm square mini original painting of 3 zigzag bacon on a yellow background, by Adriana Bergstrom

I do what I can, and I just want my artwork to be out there and making people smile. Come check out the newest art. It’s all in my shop.

And, if you want be notified about upcoming art sales and stay in-the-know with what’s new in my studio (plus get discount codes for my sales), definitely sign up for my newsletter! It’s the best way to keep updated with what’s happening in my world.

Challenge Your Camera #11 Still life…

And finally a Claude Monet painting seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and then a recreated still life at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.

My Mom…

My mother, Maude Louise Littlefield Freeman was born in Waterville, Maine on March 11, 1907. My mother and her mother Albra Mae Flewelling Littlefield Grant Baird.

100_8377 (2)

The picture below is one of my most favorite pictures of all time…


A friend asked me once to describe my mother…what was she like, what did she like to do. I pondered this question and found it was sort of a hard one to answer. To me my mother was funny and a little nutsy at times, a trait I’ve happily inherited by the way… she was kind and loving, a hard worker, she adored my dad, and me. She liked to crochet, she made tablecloths and doilies, when I was around 12 she went back to work the bank she had worked in before she got married.

She was a kook in her younger years and I’ve got the photo album that proves it.

The first page says ‘taken during the year 1926’.. most of the photos are of mom and her friends on Martha’s Vineyard…there are a few from NJ as well.   I love how she wrote in white ink on the black pages…and wow, what typical 1926 sayings she wrote.  My mother it seems was turning into a flapper… I love it.

For instance, the picture on the lower left says ‘The Oak Bluffs Sheik “oh daddy” “He’s a hound with the ladies.”  I’m 80% sure I know who that hound was but I’m not telling

It would have been fun to have known my mother when she was that age, to have hung out with her and her friends on the Vineyard, to be in on their inside jokes and what really went on in with the sheik of Oak Bluffs ! Okay, maybe not. Does one really want to know THAT much about their parents, some things are better left unknown.


Yes indeed, my mother was one of my favorite people to spend time with. Some nights when my dad was working my mom and I would have our favorite supper and speak our ‘silly language’, which was to put ‘S’ in front of every word… it made for gales of laughter from both of us.

She was a strong woman, who suffered with a year long bout of agoraphobia, which for her was fear of leaving the house. She eventually overcame it and then found and reinvented herself and got a job at the bank she had worked for before she got married. I’m proud of her for that and like to think that I got some of that fortitude or spunk from her… I definitely got my quirkiness from her and I thank her for that.

Happy birthday mom…


RDP Friday – Tunnel…

Lincoln Tunnel from New Jersey into New York City.

RDP Wednesday – INVISIBLE…

As seen, or not seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Repeating Shapes…

I know I’m posting quite a few repeating shapes photos, but I really enjoyed going through my pictures and obviously didn’t want to leave any out 🙂

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge : Waves…

Review: Little Women Knits

Review: Little Women Knits post image

First, the facts:

Title: Little Women Knits

Author: Joanna Johnson

Illustrator: LaurelJohnson

Published by: Slate Falls Press, 2020

Pages: 48

Type: Patterns


No chapters, just the patterns

The In-Depth Look:

If you know Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, you probably have an image in your head of the four sisters, rambling about their Massachusetts home, doing what they can to stretch a penny while dealing with the challenges of growing up in each others’ pockets.

I sometimes think that the reason this is the best-known of Alcott’s stories is because we can all relate to the difficulty of growing up and figuring out who we are, while also feeling nostalgic about the past when things seemed, if not easier, at least more simple.

That is the vibe this pattern collection hits. When I say it’s not the most adventurous collection I’ve seen, that is in no way a complaint about the patterns. It’s more that they exude a sense of charm and a warm hominess.

The patterns here are a bundle of different types–shawls, socks, wraps, a sweater–meant to be cozy and comforting in a troubled time. Just like when the original Little Women took place during the Civil War (when things were anything but settled or secure), I think we all are longing for a sense of solidity and just want something warm to cuddle in while waiting for the world to make sense again.

Really, this collection couldn’t have come at a better time.

The designs are by Joanna Johnson, who always seems to find a creative way to capture the essence of her literary inspirations. (If you haven’t you should check out her Anne of Green Gables and Sherlock Holmes collections.) These patterns are not full of fancy stitches or complicated construction, but they are the kind of straight-forward comfort you get from a simple cup of cocoa on a cold day. Sometimes all you really want is the familiar instant kind with marshmallows you grew up with.

Sure the fancy homemade kind with heavy cream and melted chocolate can be luscious, but knitwear doesn’t have to be fancy and furbelowed to hit the spot any more than chocolate does. When you just want to snuggle into some wooly warmth on the couch, you want something soft that’s well-designed, like the shawl here that ties at the back–all warmth, no drama.

In addition to the reassuringly simple designs, we have lovely hand-drawn illustrations by Joanna’s talented daughter Laurel Johnson, as well as beautiful atmospheric photos by Christa Tippmann. The hand-dyed yarns which all look fabulous all come from Rachel Lundstrom.

All in all, this collection is like a warm hug–sweet, simple, and comforting.

I think Louisa May Alcott would be proud.

This review copy was kindly donated by Slate Falls Press. Thank you!

My Gush: Sweet and gentle; pure comfort.

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