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Travels . . .

It's amazing how much time I waste spend on the Internet.  I wonder if any other generation has had so much opportunity to learn, travel, read, covet, shop, date . . . should I go on?

Today I traveled to Ethiopia with my friend, Heather.  She recently returned from Ethiopia, where she took beautiful pictures of the people and the places she enjoyed.  I loved this picture--so adorable. 

(c) 2010 Heather Fenwick Amare

I rattled around in the Farmgirl world.  I love what they're doing . . . but I'm still on the fence.  I want, want, want to get involved.  But will I have time for anything else?  Just this part of it, alone, will keep me busy too many hours of the day.

(c) 2010 Maryjanesfarm

I journeyed over to Christ Church Plano to look at the Roof Dog Run page.  If you live in or around the Dallas area and have never run (or walked) in the Roof Dog Run, you really should give it a try.  They have a lot of fun, and your entry is going to a great cause--The Casa Hogares orphanage at Arequipa, Peru--one of two orphanages supported by Christ Church.  The run is being held on September 9th this year--but it's not too late to enter.  Below is a video from last year's run.  Hope to see you there this year.

I then traveled to The Dizzy Sheep.  I take a gander at their daily special every day.  Never know when they'll have something I just HAVE to have.

(c) 2010 The Village Yarn and Fiber Shop

Nope, didn't find anything today that I had to have.  Maybe another day.

I went to Etsy to look around.  Love, love, love that place.   I can always find something I love.  And today was no exception.  I found two fantastic things that I think will end up in my house.  The first are felted spotted slippers that are just to die for!!

Aren't these just darling?  They're sold by Onstail from Lithuania.  Check out her store--really darling stuff!

And my second must have are these cute, cute dresses:

 . . . and just about everything else that NewvExtrave has in her Etsy shop.  Totally the kind of dresses I like to wear!! 

So . . . while I'm traveling on the Internet, my sweet husband is traveling home.  I suspect he'll be here tomorrow (earlier than I anticipated).  I can hardly wait.  I'm making his favorite dinner tomorrow night and I plan to scratch his back and put him to bed in his own bed!!!  He'll think he's died and gone to heaven.  xoxo

But for now, good night from me.  I still have a craft room to finish picking up and laundry to fold before I can go to bed.  Later . . .

Camping 101 . . .

Since my friends, Cindy and Maryann, are making it so easy, I'm totally tempted to join the Farmgirl Sisterhood.  They've stated a new chapter, The Little Red Barn Farmgirls' Chapter. It looks like so much fun, and they're doing a lot of the things I do everyday anyway--sewing, knitting, crocheting, spinning, embroidery, canning, cooking, etc., etc., etc.

And the badges . . . OMG . . . this just carries me back to my Girl Scout days--remember this?
(c) 2010 Girl Scouts of the United States of America

The Farmgirl Sisterhood badges are a little different, but oh so adorable!  I want, I want, I want . . .

© 2010 MaryJanesFarm
And to think that I can do other stuff that I love to do is really exciting.  For instance, I think badges like "Going Green," Entrepreneurial Spirit," and "Shutterbug" would be fantastic to earn.  So I'm sort of thinking this is a "have to do."

I could make these for the "cooking" badge, don't you think?

(c) 2010 Summer Craft Camp by Rachel Hobson

or this
(c) 2010 Summer Craft Camp by Rachel Hobson

Let me know if you find other camp girl type stuff you'd like to share.

Dave and Lisa Leave Their Backyard and go to Pittsburgh

Last weekend we got in the big white truck at 5 am and drove to Pittsburg to drop Peter off at Carnegie-Mellon. We unpacked him, made his bed, went to an orientation, ate, signed him in, toured the campus, ate agian and left him there! We have gotten several e-mails from him and he seems to be doing well and having a good time.
We took a couple of days to drive home:
Spent the first night at the Summit Inn Resort which is an old "porch hotel" on the national register of historic places. It was really nice in a sort of Stephen King sort of way! I would recommend staying there if you find yourself in that part of Pennsylvania and thinking about visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. (check out Fallingwater's webcam!)

This was the best! Classy "soap on a roap" this feature is right by the front door!
The grounds are really beautiful and there are a couple of short paths so you can go for a little hike. The place is a deciduous forest, so there is alot of dappled sunlight and interesting stuff growning:

On the road heading to York there are lots of windfarms-

Kings Covered Bridge in Somerset County

The best yarn store in all the land! The Mannings in East Berlin PA (Near York) and speaking of York, PA - the factory tour capital of the world - one cannot go to York and not tour the Harley Davidson Motor Company Plant!

All the parts for one motorcycle!

Last but most definitely not least ... how about this for kitchy!

Camera blues . . .

I'd love to win this camera tote:
If you'd like to enter to win it, go to the Thompson Family-Life web site and enter for yourself.  Who knows, maybe one of us will get lucky!  I hope so--I'm crossing my fingers and toes!!

Camera blues . . .

I'd love to win this camera tote:
If you'd like to enter to win it, go to the Thompson Family-Life web site and enter for yourself.  Who knows, maybe one of us will get lucky!  I hope so--I'm crossing my fingers and toes!!

Never alone . . .

It seems that more and more I'm alone.  I don't dislike it.  But sometimes I'm bored.  Today, though, I've been inspired.  I'm not sure I'll ever feel alone again.

My favorite things . . .

Some blogs have regular "favorite things," but I've not been very consistent doing that--it seems sort of copy-cat to me, and I want to be original.  So . . . I only post favorite things once in awhile. 

I came across this link to a beautiful online Christmas magazine--Holiday With Matthew Mead

I can hardly wait for my issue to come!  I particularly like this magazine because many of their advertisers are Etsy merchants, and I totally support Etsy!  Many of my friends use Etsy, and I'll be opening my Etsy store soon--how could I resist? 

Another of my favorites is The Vintage Pearl.  I coveted these for a long time, then got a necklace for Christmas from my daughter--mine has the birthstones, and I love it!!

Every time I spin fiber I'm reminded how much I love my Majacraft spinning wheel.  I have the Little Gem, and it is that--a little gem!
I might have a new favorite Blog.  Lolly Knitting Around is packed with great photographs, fun experiences, and just very stalkable stuff . . . her photographs are fantastic, illustrated by this a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e photo on her blog yesterday:
(c) Lolly Knitting Around

My friend, Kay, is so super talented.  Don't you love this scarf she did?:
You also should visit her Etsy Store.  I have some of her fiber on my wheel this very minute and it's fantastic!  The colorway, Tuscany, is completely gorgeous!  And her fibers are like butter to spin!!! 

(c) Cordova Studios
I can't wait to read this book.  It's sitting on my table right now--ready to be cracked open.
I love historical novels, and this one should prove to be as good as Gregory's other books.  I'll let you know when I finish it if it's as good as I'm suspecting it will be! 

What are you reading?

Monorail dog and husband

The not so glamorous side

Cleaned out the coop - about a month and a half of poop in there - eeewwwww.


Honestly, it only takes about 15 minutes to clean out - rake the crap out the door into an old plastic toy bin, toss it into the compost pile. Takes about 3 trips to the pile, then toss in about a quarter of a bale of wood shavings. Yes, that is a colored plastic easter egg you see in the middle nest box. It functions as a clue - "lay your eggs here dear, not in the middle of the floor"


Mavis (in the box) fills Mini in on just what the nest box is for.


The Garden is not the happiest of gardens. Between the heat, dry, then heat and deluge, we are not about to win any beauty contests.

Next weekend is slated for garden clean-up and fall planting. Meanwhile we had some big issues which I have a thought on fixing for next year. Squash vine borer beetles destroyed all the zucchini, my cucumbers succumbed to cucumber wilt about 3 weeks after my neighbor's - the wilt is spread by the cucumber beetle. I did get a couple of jars of refridgerator pickles out of them - Yummy!

On the positive side, neem oil and a good layer of fresh compost made the potato pots very happy and they have lots of nice new growth.

See the bean tee-pee in back there? I am definitely planting a bean tee-pee next year!

I love the purple runner beans, they are beautiful and mighty tasty!

The butternut squash is pretty happy, as is the chard.
I now know just what radishes look like if you do not pick them, I am not convinced actually repelled any bugs, but they are really nifty.

And last but not least - I got to try out my nifty harvesting apron!

Cats and Chickens

Do cats and chickens get along? I guess it depends on how big your chickens are, and how lazy your cat is:

A Very Short Story of Betty

Betty's just hanging in the yard, doing her girlfriend chicken thing

Ummmm.... what's this?

It wiggles......


Can I eat it?

Maybe better ... not.