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The state of the garden

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This time of year brings something new in the garden every day. Despite more snow than usual, the crocus are popping up all over as is the lamb’s ear and strawberries and quite a lot of garlic. Sadly, my little dragon has met his demise. I’ve been searching for a granite version to replace him but no luck so I will have to put something different there. Hot peppers take quite a long time to get going so they are always the first to get going on my indoor light stand. I’ve planted serranos, habaneros, and African bird peppers this year.

T-sacs and travelling with loose leaf tea


If you are an avid tea drinker you are probably not fond of bagged tea. For a long time I just did without when I traveled but these days I’ve discovered t-sacs that let me  prepack loose leaf tea to bring along. It’s always easy to find hot water. This is my favorite blend of Genmai matcha. T-sacs are also a great way to share your favorite teas with friends, they are very mail friendly.

Happy Easter 2013 …

My creation

- by Joan -

More Lamb Pics for Your Friday Afternoon

Hughes, one of this year's lambs at Juniper Moon Farm

Hughes Violet, one of the new lambs are Juniper Moon FarmViolet

Violet, one of the new lambs are Juniper Moon Farm


Hughes, Violet, one of the new lambs are Juniper Moon Farm, being cheeky.

Hughes sticking her tongue out at Bates.

Lambs, lambs, everywhere lambs!

Brand new ewe lamb!I went out to feed this morning and walked up to the ewe pen just in time to see this beautiful, enormous ewe lamb hit the ground.

New Ram LambBefore I even had time to check on the first lamb another was born inside the barn, a black ram lamb. Both are healthy and huge!

I had to evict a Grantham and the twin ewe lambs from the nursery stall to make room for these two. Only three mamas left to give birth.

I’m going to need some help naming all these lambs– I’m 5 lambs behind! If you have any suggestions (within our Downton Abbey naming convention, of course) please post them here. We need to name:  Done and done. Y’all are so good at naming lambs!

twin white ewe lambs  Isobel and Violet

a single tiny black ram lamb   Thomas

a single white ewe lamb Rosamund Painswick


a single jumbo black ram lamb     now named Carson

More pictures this afternoon.

Santa’s coming to town!


It’s always fun to send out a bag full of prizes to Sock Madness competitors. There’s usually a prize for the first competition sock finished and there’s always a nice grand prize at the end but along the way we like to award prizes for anything that strikes our fancy from a fun photo to a great cheerleader, to helpful postings as for how to master a technique or how to fix a mistake. It’s an easy and fun way to foster a positive atmosphere in the group. Many of the prizes are donated by competitors and they like to help out with mailing costs as well.

Shop Update!

I know, it’s been ages since I updated my etsy shop. But I have been working on it all day and have twelve brand new listings up today and at least that many more to come.

What’s New:
scotch pine oviraptor2
turmeric oviraptor
mens dress scarf
Dreamy Brachiosaurus
astronomy tower protoceratops
merlot velociraptor MCN3
emerald protoceratops
magenta protoceratops
indigo protoceratops2
turquoise oviraptor
magenta oviraptor3
indigo oviraptor3

Now It’s Daffodils …

Last month it was my obsession with tulips and watching them grow, now it’s daffodils…

My creation

- by Joan -

Today in Lambs

I think Susan and I could easily engage in a “cute-off”.  She’d win, only because she has a lot more lambs than I.  I am sadly thinking that Wren and Fairfax are not bred after all, which means I will only have two lambs this year.

But such cute lambs they are!






Darby and Amelia.






We are so completely in love with these little darlings.  I wish we could have lambs around ALL the time!

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A Little Soapy Post

Almond Poppyseed

Charcoal Swirl

Oatmeal Stout

Coffee, Lemongrass & Mint

Carrot with Tea Tree & Fennel

Oatmeal Stout

Slow and steady. Feels nice. :)