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Into The Light …

Gay Head Lighthouse – Martha’s Vineyard, MA



CLICK HERE to find our why money is being raised to save the historic and endangered Gay Head Lighthouse.

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Happy Halloween!!!!!


Throwback Thursday

Okay, on Facebook people have been dubbing Thursday the day for throwbacks, in which you change your profile picture to a picture of you from long ago. Sometimes it’s a picture of them as a child, sometimes it’s from college, but it’s fun to see if you recognize the person and of course maybe you were there many moons ago!

So when I was looking through the blog for pictures of something specific and this picture came up:


I knew that it would be perfect for today. Do you recognize that little pup? That’s runt of the litter Gnocchi. This is how Susan would weigh him to make sure that he was getting enough milk.

gnocchi Gnocchi Sweet Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi

How can you not fall in love with that amazing face? He’s not the least bit spooky, even if it is Halloween!

Unexplained !

My daughter Deb is a twin. Sadly her sister Susan was only here for a few hours.

Katy (Katama) was Deb’s first Boykin Spaniel. She was the first dog to go on vacation with Deb and me, no big surprise that it was to MV. Katy left us after 20 months and we feel that she’s now with Susan.

Chappy (Chappaquiddick) was Deb’s next Boykin Spaniel.

My creation

We took lots of pictures of Chappy’s first trip to the Vineyard, especially on the beach and in the water. He really enjoyed splashing about and barking at waves. These pictures show a little of his fun at the beach.

And then there’s this picture:


Is this a double exposure, or is it Deb and Chappy with Susan and Katy ? You be the judge.  Just let me say that my camera, not a digital one, had never, until that day, taken a double exposure and never did so afterwards.

Happy Halloween !!!

Pigs and Pumpkins

Because even pigs like fall – themed treats!





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Ah. Vermont!

Where do I start??

I haven't been on a solo trip for YEARS.  Like maybe 20 years.  Greg and I enjoy visiting new places together, and except for easy local visits to family I just haven't done much on my own.  For a long time.  Now with an aging dog with horrible anxiety issues I just never felt ready to tackle it.  But this year I turned 50 and my brothers decided it was time that I did something just for me and they sent me the cash meant ONLY for a train ticket to Vermont. 

"...adventure funds; not clay funds, artist space funds, paint the doghouse funds or Greg's Beer Supply funds!  These are Adventure Funds."

My family knows me well enough that once given the funds earmarked for a trip I would finally make the move and DO IT.  And I had been talking all year about the possiblity of going to Vermont on my own, on the train, to attend the super secret 50th birthday party of my good friend Kristen of Gilead Fiber Farm.  And I would get to see the farm!

And.  I mean.  VERMONT.  IN THE FALL.

So as the birthday plan would go, Kristen would know I was coming.  By staying with her we avoided her making big farm plans that would keep her in her neighborhood while the super secret arrangements were being made.

TWELVE hours on the train.
(I won't whine becuase the idea of driving north on I95 is oh SO MUCH worse.)

But 12 hours is a long time.  The last 2 were killer.

It was rainy when I left DC (there were flash flood warnings the entire time I was gone.)  And still wet and dreary when we went around NY. 

I tried to get some knitting done....

But once we hit Massachusetts the rain had lifted and the colors were just too fantastic.

I arrived in Randolph VT after dark with Kristen (and her loyal dog Max) to meet me and whisk me away to dinner.  (On my brothers.)

I just had  It was glorious.

Here are pictures. :)

We spent the day out and about (avoiding the neighbor hood to keep the big secret...)

I got alpaca kisses. :)

The party was a total success!  Secrets kept!

Morning chores.  (Actually a mix of days...)

I milked a cow!!  (But not very well!)

Kristen was surprised that the usually reserved llamas came so close.  I think the hay was calling!

Iris the (very vocal!) cashmere goat.

Atlas (on the right) and his mom.

Knitting break!


Lotus and Leah, guardian llamas.  This is coyote country....

Yea, that's the spot!  Ecstasy!

Moving huts to the new pasture.  And I didn't just watch and take pictures...I moved one too.

Good Morning All!


My buddy Fred.

And next post....POTTERY!

Yarned by You: Designed by You

It’s been AGES since I did a Yarned by You, but especially after my trip to Rhinebeck, I’m feeling inspired to look at everyone’s knits. And just like Susan posted yesterday, I’m thinking about Christmas knitting and wondering what I should make. I’m working on convincing my family to exchange Secret Santa names early this year (we do Secret Santa for the adults – it allows everyone to get one great gift instead of a bunch of slightly less great gifts) so that I have time to knit whoever I get something. (My whole family is very knit-worthy!)

So I went cruising through Ravelry to see what designers are creating in our yarn. All of these patterns are available as Ravelry downloads, so you’re able to get knitting right away, either from your JMF stash, or by stopping by your LYS and picking something up. Click through the picture to get all the details.

First is Brazos Valley Shawl by Jenna Swanson. It’s knit sideways in two colors of Herriot, with the cabled border added afterwards. Also, it’s 50% off with the coupon code junipermoonfarm! But only for a limited time, so you better get on that!

Brazos Valley Shawl by Jenna Swanson

This Chadwick Scarf was designed by Lynnette Connors. It has a lovely cable and would be perfect for a man or a woman. There are two size options – the small size that takes just a single ball of Chadwick, and the larger one that uses two balls.

Chadwick Scarf by Lynette Connors

This Cranberry Crush Cowl by Kay Hopkins has my name written all over it. I haven’t tried Brioche stitch yet, but this seems like a great, repetitive project for it and would be perfect for a slightly dressy outfit. I can easily see myself wearing it for a night on the town or in the office. This Cranberry color is one of the new colors of Findley for Fall / Winter 2013!

Cranberry Crush Cowl by Kay Hopkins

It’s no secret that we love Sabine, so it’s not surprising that I adore Elvenflyt by Sierra Anderson.  Doesn’t the pom pom on the top just make the hat? And I love how the ribbing is worked into the pattern. Even in the largest size, this is a one-skein pattern!

Elvenflyt by Sierra Anderson

I’m head over heels for Junco by Sarah Jo Burch. It uses three colors of Herriot, but the colorwork is uses only two colors at a time. The cowl is folded over so all your floats are safely hidden inside!

Junco by Sarah JoBurch

On the Front Porch Swing by Linda Day Morehouse is a pretty, semi circular shawl that takes less than one ball of Findley. The lace is delicate and sweet and would be perfect for a little something special for a someone special.

On the Front Porch Swing by linda Day Morehouse

Sarah Parker, of WildFibers in Washington created this cute headband and fingerless mitts pattern which uses Herriot. Susie and I saw these during the trunk show and we both swooned over them!

Poulsbo Headband and Mitts by Sarah Parker

Square in a Square cowl is and elegant cowl that looks great in three colors of Moonshine. I bet that it would work well with just one or two colors of Moonshine, too. Patricia Ritter did a great job matching the perfect buttons to the yarn colors, don’t you think?

Square in a Square Cowl

What gifts are you thinking of knitting in JMF yarns this season? Or what patterns do you think would look great in JMF yarns and be a perfect gift for someone?

How To Throw A Party Like A Pro

What happens when two talented cooks/restauranteurs throw a 5th birthday bash for their son?

A fantastic party with amazing food on a beautiful fall Sunday.

My friend Lisa and Will had us (plus many, many, many) other people to celebrate Alston’s big day.  Oona fairly wore herself out playing in the leaves and chasing ducks and dogs and other kids around while Maddie acted as official baby-watcher for darling little Marie.


Just look at that baby!




Tree stump chairs by the fire and food.



Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I know, you’re jealous.  Yes, they were every bit as amazing as they sound.




I mentioned the food, right?  Aside from the fall-themed appetizer spread there was pulled pork and coleslaw.  And it was YUM.

Maddie and Emily and I drank gallons of the hot apple cider (and I may have sampled some of the hard cider as well……)




The little man of the hour!





Will by the fire, which was perfect: not too hot for such a sunny day, but just warm enough for the chill in the air.

Fall parties like this are my favorite kind.  The bugs are mostly gone, the leaves are stunning, the campfire isn’t sweltering, the food is warming.

It’s one of the best ways to turn 5!


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Probably something you would like…

It has been a million years since I’ve done a Probably something you would like…post. Let’s get right to it!

11 Ways I’m Trying to Achieve a Sane Relationship With the Internet. I have been trying some of these and it’s amazing how much more I am getting done. I’m also enjoying my time with other people so much more now that I am not constantly connected to my phone every waking moment.

What Vampire Graves Tell Us About Ancient Superstitions

A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit. How cool is this?

The Caketrope of BURTON’s Team from Alexandre DUBOSC on Vimeo.

This leaves me speechless!

I posted these amazing melting witch cookies by Death By Cupcake last year, but they are still awesome and so easy to make.

How to: make a mini bow and arrow

I love this tutorial for making a mini bow and arrow!

I am completely charmed by these horse prints by Erik Riley. $20 each.

Vintage French Milk Pitcher

I do not need another vintage milk pitcher, but this one sure is sweet. $12.

Hand knit socks

Hand knit socks

Hand knit socks

If you don’t have the time (or the skills) to make your own hand knit socks, you can’t go wrong buying some from RGideas. They are very pricey ($70-$90) but they kind of should be– it take a lot of time and talent to make socks that are so lovely!

The Lasting Impacts of Poverty on the Brain

For $20, Uber Will Bring You a Live Kitten and Let You Pet It for 15 Minutes! Someone has found a solution to the problem I never knew I had, y’all!!! [Don't worry-- the company doing this is partnering with local SPCAs; no reason for wig flipping.]

Pie Box

I do not need a Pie Box, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want a Pie Box. $35.

Vintage crime scene photos

There is something hauntingly beautiful about these NYC crime scene photos superimposed on modern streets.

Your turn! What’s knocking you out this week? Hook us all up in the comments.

Picture Windows …


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