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Photo A Day Challenge: Grid…

101_0748 (2)




Photo A Day Challenge: Pair…

Mourning doves.

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Photo A Day Challenge: Glass…


I love glass, looking at or through it or touching it, I find beauty in all forms of glass, and so with that being said you’d think I’d be sharing pictures of beautiful glass things but I’m not.  I’m sharing a glass experience that even though shattering still had a beauty to it.

100_8039 (3)

It was a quiet morning until it wasn’t.  There was a popping noise and a crackling sound!   Our sliding door went from…

                                                   this                                            to this

It actually was really pretty when the sun shone through it.

The glass people came, taped the glass door and moved it carefully to their truck.

As you can see the glass started to fall like sand in an hourglass.

IMG_0910 (3)

All done 🙂

IMG_0911 (4)



Photo A Day Challenge: Fiery Red…

IMG_4292 (4)

The way the sun was coming through the red drapes made this chair in a museum look like flames were shooting out of it.


Reflecting The Sunset…

The sunset over New Jersey from the Henry Hudson Parkway along the Hudson River in New York City.



img_7609 (2)

Sunset reflected in windows.

img_7610 (2)

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Photo A Day Challenge: Transparent…



Photo A Day Challenge: Clouds…

Clouds through a window.  Portland, Maine

2018-10-17 059 (4)



Photo A Day Challenge: Leaves…

Oct 11

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Photo A Day Challenge (or week)…

I’m doing ‘photo a day’ weekly instead of daily. Here’s the challenge for the week of July 1 – 7.

1 – Welcome July  2 – Fun  3 – Start with (map of Newark, NJ from 1800’s)  4 – Hat  5 – Sunshine  6 – Sky  7 – Seven (windows in the John & Priscilla Alden house in MA).




Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered…