Photo A Day Challenge: Square…

New York City windows.

101_3075 (3)

Photo A Day Challenge: Miniature…



The top book is a 1 inch accordion picture book of Martha’s Vineyard.

The bottom book is one of many published by the Miniature Dictionary Publishers in New York City.  I have several of these that my dad collected (including the works of Shakespeare), I think the books date back to the 1930’s or 40’s.

Photo A Day Challenge: End With ‘O’…


101_3575 (7)

One of my favorite spots on Martha’s Vineyard is the gazebo (also known as the bandstand) in Ocean Park in the town of Oak Bluffs.  It’s also often my header picture.

Photo A Day Challenge: Happy…

101_4743 (2)

Photo A Day Challenge: Reflections…

I thought I’d have a little fun with this one and use photo editor ‘reflection’ on some of my reflective photos 🙂

100_9616 (2)













IMG_8177 (3)



DSC_0284 (2)100_7450 (2)

IMG_8288 (2)

Photo A Day Challenge: Garden…


Photo A Day Challenge: Start With ‘L’…

The Liberty Bell ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

IMG_6189 (4)

I got there after hours and couldn’t go inside but you can still get nice pictures from outside.


Tuesday Photo Challenge: Road…

At the end of the road lies the abandoned Gingerbread Castle in New Jersey.


100_4436 (2)


Photo A Day Challenge: Water…

Paterson Great Falls  ~  Paterson, New Jersey

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