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The Cosmic Photo Challenge : A summer walk in the sunshine…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved…


This is Fluffy, he is my dearest childhood possession. He is 68 years old this year. Fluffy came from Germany, he used to be completely covered in rabbit fur but over the years a lot of it has been petted away. Fluffy is also a little hard of hearing as one of his ears falls off from time to time.

   A relative of my mother’s who lived on Martha’s Vineyard had two sons, William and Leon, and a daughter, Vivian Carole who were all in the army in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Every time one of them would be stationed in, or visit a foreign country, they would bring back a doll for me and for their niece.   Fluffy was one of those gifts.

Look at that face … his eyes look so real to me.



Mouse Work…

In looking back over posts of the past I came across this one from January, 2011 featuring.. Mousey who was a favorite toy of granddog, Chappy, and who this year became the topper on our Christmas tree.

IMG_5312 (2)


January 2011 -The holidays are over and the doldrums of January arrive.  With that arrival sometimes comes odd and wacky ways to entertain oneself.


This is Mousey who was solely one of Chappy’s toys. Somehow though he ventured out of the toy basket and Deb and I have found him in some interesting spots.

For example, on my treadmill and at her spinning wheel.  As you can see Mousey had a bit of a dilemma… couldn’t reach the start button for the treadmill and couldn’t reach the treadle on the spinning wheel.  Got to give him credit for trying though.

The other morning though Mousey found something he can do… look where I found him when I walked into the kitchen.


 Mousey likes to cook…who knew… he’s been as quiet as well, a mouse, about this new hobby of his. Let’s take a look at Mousey in action.

This could be a problem.. you know how mice are about cheese?


Apparently he likes mozzarella more than ricotta cheese.

 The finished product… looks delish.


Mousey relaxing after a busy morning in the kitchen.  This is one mouse I don’t mind having in the house.

101_4097 (3)

Thanks for indulging the silliness and wackiness that goes on around here.  It’s good to laugh and have fun no matter what your age… chronologically or mentally 🙂

Christmas Anticipation …


Chappy’s good manners and patience pays off :)


Three Bears …

…and an afghan


When I’m 64 …


This is Fluffy.   He is 64 years old this year.  I’ve had him since I was around 8 years old.  Fluffy came from Germany, he used to be completely covered in rabbit fur but over the years a lot of it has been petted away.  Fluffy is a little hard of hearing as one of  his ears falls off  from time to time.  He is my dearest childhood possession.

Fluffy sort of has a Vineyard connection… but doesn’t almost everything in my life :)  Ethel Souweine, who was a relative of my mother’s lived on Massasoit Ave in Oak Bluffs.   Her two sons, William and Leon, and her daughter Vivian Carole were all in the army in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Every time one of them would be stationed in, or visit a foreign country, they would bring back a toy for me and for their niece Carolee.   Fluffy was one of those gifts.

Look at that face … his eyes look so real to me.


Nowadays Fluffy lives with the other animals and dolls in a comfy basket on a trunk.  They’re a very close group


Fluffy doesn’t get out much but a case of wanderlust hit him the other day and he thought it would be fun to surprise Chappy by visiting him.


Seeing eye-to eye and nose-to-nose.


After exchanging pleasantries for awhile Fluffy decided to nap before his trip back to his basket family.


Back home with the gang.


Maybe an upcoming post on some of the other basket gang members.

Future …

The daily prompt today is : There are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.) Photographers: show us the FUTURE.

A beach day with friends



- by Joan -

in which I enter the age of e-ink

Despite my reputation as a gadgeteer, I'm generally not on the cutting edge when it comes to electronics -- I'm a devotee but I never buy an Apple product until the second or third generation (and even then, I usually get the newly-outdated model, not the latest and greatest) and I'm never the first kid on the block to have whatever the new Gadget of the Moment is.  Somehow, though, everyone at work seems to think I have every gadget known to man, and so it came as a surprise to everyone when Jim bought me a Kindle, at my request, for my birthday this year.  The most common response: "Really? You didn't have one already?"  The second most common: "You only went for e-ink?  Why not the Fire?"

Yes, it's true.  I got an e-reader, finally.  The price finally came down enough where I felt like I could justify it -- even if I didn't like it, it wasn't a HUGE waste of money.  I chose the very lowest-end Kindle (though I did pay up to get the version with no ads).  And that was done very deliberately: I didn't want the touchscreen version for a variety of reasons, and I wanted something to read on, not another device that gives me internet access and apps and myriad other ways to waste my time.  I've got a laptop and an iPhone and a tablet for that already.  Plus, while I spend pretty much my entire workday, and a large chunk of my non-workday, on a computer, I really don't like reading on a backlit screen...anything longer than a newspaper feature article, and I prefer to read it in print.  Always have, and I suspect I always will.

I hoped that the Kindle would cause me to read more, if only because it's so easy to bring everywhere -- and it's definitely lived up to that!  Of the twelve books I've read so far this year, ten have been on the Kindle.  I'm particularly enjoying the library e-books.  We have Overdrive at our library and, as is the case in most libraries, the demand for the e-books is very high, and at any given time there aren't many available.  Consequently, I've wound up reading books that I never would have gotten around to reading in print, just because they're available, and really enjoyed them -- so, it's a win.  (If you're the sort of person who tends to always read in the same genre, I suppose the limitations of the Overdrive system wouldn't work well for you, but since I read widely, it's been great for me.)  I've also loaded it up with classics that I've been meaning to catch up on.

Another thing the Kindle has allowed me to do is use Netgalley more.  Netgalley is a website that allows publishers to share electronic galleys/advance copies with booksellers, reviewers, librarians, etc.  But because I don't like reading on the computer screen, it was of little use to me before.  Now, though, I can send them to the Kindle, and I've been able to read and review several recent books this way.

This has led to an embarrasment of riches, though -- so much to read!  I'm finding it a bit difficult to prioritize things I want to read purely for pleasure with things I want to read for review -- and it doesn't help that I've dived into George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books, either (Those I am reading in print, in case you're wondering!).  That's like five thousand pages of reading right there.  And with Book Expo America coming up in a couple of months...I'm not going to be short of reading material anytime soon!

I fell behind on my reviewing a bit when my grandmother was ill -- there were a couple of January titles I intended to read and review before publication, but that fell by the wayside.  I'll catch up someday...