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MV Obsession 2023-07-31 19:53:25

Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word – July 2023…

For the pick a word theme challenge I’m choosing… nautical. My choices for nautical are all of the beloved Martha’s Vineyard ferry… the Islander.

The Islander was retired in the winter of 2007 and the last time I sailed on her was that February. Even though not sleek or graceful, for 57 years the Islander brought her own special beauty to the waters surrounding the Vineyard. The Islander will continue to exist through paintings, photographs and in the memories of those who loved her.

Early morning…

The beloved work horse of a ferry, the Islander plied the waters between Woods Hole and Martha’s Vineyard  for 57  years before retiring in the winter of 2007.   There was just something about this tub of a boat that endeared her to all who sailed on her…  she wasn’t a great beauty but she had a regalness about her.

Her blue plastic outdoor seats  certainly weren’t known for their comfort, but comfort wasn’t necessarily what one was after for the 45 minute sail from America to the Vineyard, which was more of a transition from the everyday to the magicalness awaiting you.   The Vineyard is many things to many people and in many hearts the Islander was the emotional connection. Fond memories ❤